#BA15048NA "Moose Tracks" Moose Plush with Socks for Baby

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It's hard not to find the moose with these exceptional moose tracks--he's right at the end of two pair of foot-warming, comfy socks! If our socks can brave the Tundra on the tootsies of a moose, just imagine how toasty the ten tiny toes of that special baby boy will feel! Features and facts:

  • Plush velour, golden-brown moose with beige-veloure face and ribbed tummy, embroidered eyes, nose and smile, a bobbed tail and purple antlers; his four feet wear socks with non-slip traction for baby boy--one pair of socks has teal and white stripes with lime-green accents and blue polka-dot traction; the second pair is blue and orange, with a small, white totem-pole design in the blue and matching traction
  • Plush moose measures approximately 12" h x 10" w x 10" d
  • Ready for gift box or gift bag
  • Size 0-6 months

Baby Aspen