#BA15036NA "Poodle Paws" Plush Poodle with Socks for Baby

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What more could a baby girl ask for than a cuddly pet poodle and magnifique footwear? Introduce her to the finest Paris has to offer with Baby Aspen's gorgeous gift set--you've never seen paws like this on a poodle! She'll set the trend for poodles and fashion-forward little ladies everywhere! Features and facts:

  • Pastel-pink plush poodle toy with embroidered eyes, curly-velour hair, ears and pom-pom tail, a black-and-white grosgrain bow, and four legs with two pairs of socks featuring non-slip traction--one pair of Mary Jane-style socks is white and dark blue, with pastel-blue trim at the top and white, puppy-paws traction, and the other pair has white Mary Jane's with blue polka dots, hot-pink trim at the top and puppy-paws traction
  • Plush poodle measures approximately 8" w x 10" h x 9" d (including fluffy poodle tail)
  • Ready for gift box or gift bag
  • Coordinates with other gifts from Baby Aspen's Parisian Collection
  • Size 0-6 months


Baby Aspen